Healthy and Wholesome, The Way Nature Intended

Mesquite Country Beef
Howdy and welcome to the home of Mesquite Country Beef.  We are committed to producing quality pasture raised beef. We raise all of our cattle on native mesquite pastures in central Texas.  We are obsessed with grass, and our pastures are managed to promote diversity and foragability.  

Introducing American Aberdeen cattle.  We use these cattle to produce animals that are highly efficient and palatable.  This breed was developed from the Aberdeen Angus of Scotland and is 100% Aberdeen genetics. These cattle were selected for reduced size, high efficiency, and quality eating experience.  We believe in the product that these cattle produce.

Our production system and feeding program is designed to produce sustainable, healthy, and delicious beef for our selves, our family, and our customers! We belive in our product and are excited to provide it! 

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